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Las Vegas eSports Arena Opens this, as City Focuses on Mighty Millennial week

Las Vegas eSports Arena Opens this, as City Focuses on Mighty Millennial week

The Millennial eSports arena is scheduled to open later this week in downtown Las Vegas. The 15,000-square-foot, 200-seat venue will be Sin City’s first entertainment complex dedicated solely to the rising competitive video gaming market.

Las Vegas will undoubtedly be home to its very own eSports arena, allowing video gamers and fans to collect in competition.

The facility is located in the Neonopolis center situated between your Fremont Street Experience and East Fremont District north of this famed Strip. The destination is hoping to become the go-to spot for eSports enthusiasts visiting Las Vegas, too as a preferred venue for gambling tournaments.

The quaint stadium-style seating venue is the project of Canadian businessman Alex Igelman. The eSports arena is wired with more than three miles of CAT cable that will offer blazing online speeds as fast as one gigabit.

‘As soon as i acquired into this industry, I knew i needed become in Las Vegas and particularly in downtown,’ Igelman told the Las Vegas Sun recently. ‘Within this facility . . . you have pretty much everything you require. Food establishments, beverage establishments, an arcade. They (guests) can get married. even’

SuperData, a gaming that is global interactive media research agency based in New York City, expects eSports to be always a $1.9 billion industry by 2018.

Small Space, Big Cash

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